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Symantec TECHNOLOGY DAY in Novosibirsk

Event description

February 2015 year


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Symantec TECHNOLOGY DAY in Novosibirsk
Event description
Symantec TECHNOLOGY DAY - unique regional IT event , which was held in Novosibirsk for the first time and was attended by about 100 participants.
With Symantec we are bound by long-term cooperation in the organization of business conferences.This time, we were fully support of the project , which included the selection and place preparation,  customers invitation,   logistics, registration of participants, organizing catering and photo of event.
Symantec has confirmed its leadership position , once again showing the traditionally high level of organization of the event , a wide coverage of the audience , and as a consequence - the effect of it. And we received a grateful response from the partners of the event and our customer - Symantec company.
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